Creating a Quiz in Moodle

In this post, we will look at how to setup a quiz through importing questions from the question bank. Quizzes can serve many different functions within Moodle depending on the goals and objectives of the instructor.

After logging into Moodle and selecting a class that you are a teacher in. You need to click on “activity and resources” and click on “quiz”. You should see the following screen.

Screenshot from 2016-08-29 10:24:44.png

Give your quiz a name. Below there are many different options that are very confusing for people new to Moodle. Below are some brief explanations.

  • Timing is how long the quiz last as well as when it is available.
  • Grading allows you to determine what category to place the assessment as well as how many times the student can take it.
  • Layout is important as it determines how the quiz is displayed. It is usually best to have one question per page because if the computer freezes the student will only lose the information of the current question as the others were saved.
  • Question behavior refers to the action of the questions. The answers can be shuffled and or the the feedback can be adjusted as well.
  • Review options explains how the computer communicates feedback after a quiz response and both when the quiz is open and closed.
  • Appearance allows you to see the students profile picture during the exam if the exam is proctored.
  • Extra restrictions allows you to set a password or limit the IP addresses that can access the quiz
  • Overall feedback allows you to share with the students a general idea of how well they did based on their score.

Obviously the options are staggeringly confusing. Before trying to make a quiz it is always important to determine exactly what you want the students to do and the role the assignment plays in achieving this. For the example in this post, we want to make a quiz that assesses the students understanding of some content. As such, here are the options used in Moodle to achieve this

  • Timing: 10 minutes, pick date to open and close the quiz
  • Layout: New page every question
  • Question behavior: shuffle questions and deferred feedback
  • Review options: Clear the following
    • All under “immediately after the attempt”
    • All under “later while the quiz is still open”
    • We don’t want students to see the results until the quiz is closed
  • Extra restrictions: None
  • Overall feedback: none

Once the setting are determined you click “save and display” and you will see the following.

Screenshot from 2016-08-29 10:49:05.png

Now click “edit quiz” and you will see the image belowScreenshot from 2016-08-29 10:50:25.png

We will now add questions. The questions we will add were created in a prior post. To do this click “add” and select “from question bank”. From there, select as many questions as you want and click “add questions to the quiz.” You will see the following

Screenshot from 2016-08-29 10:52:51.png

In a future post, we will learn about providing feedback  for quizzes.


Quizzes provide a way for teacher to determine the progress of their students. This post provide some basic insights into setting up a quiz in Moodle.


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