EBooks Available

Below are several books on such issues as writing, research, and teaching by Darrin Thomas


Intro to WritingFor those new to writing at an academic level “Introduction to Secondary Research Writing” is for you.  This book does not address the details of grammar but rather provides insight into shaping the ideas and flow of a paper by sharing practical advice. This book will guide you through the experience of developing a topic, problem, purpose, objective, significance, of a paper as well as how to approach writing the body and conclusion.


Classroom teachingFor teachers at the tertiary and secondary levels, “In the Thai Classroom: Effective Teaching Methods at the Tertiary Level” provides insights into teaching young adults in the context of Thailand. Practical tips and dealing specifically with Thai students are given as well as general approaches to teaching. This book is especially helpful for those new to teaching and or do not have formal training in teaching.




Research is not necessarily difficult. What is needed is a basic explanation of common terms and how they apply to completing a project. In the book “Research as a Language”, Darrin Thomas provides practical insights into how research can be done primarily in an educational setting.