The purpose of this blog is to share information. As a lecturer at a university, my primary job is to communicate complex ideas in as simple of language as possible. The challenge has always been to make it simple. In response to this, I  created a blog that would help me to clarify the ideas and need to communicate in class to my students. Writing always helps the writer to take greater ownership of the content. All the content on this blog is information I have had to use as a teacher or researcher

I am currently employed at a university in Thailand. As a native of the United States,  I also have a Bachelor and a master degree in music from California State University as well as a master degree in education from Asia-Pacific International University.  In addition, my Ph.D. is in Curriculum and Instruction from Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies. My background is diverse and involves many disciplines and this is all on display on this site.

This blog is focused on sharing statistical research techniques and concepts in education. Sharing is how we understand better and this is what has compelled me to develop this blog.


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To Cite this Blog

People often ask how to cite this blog. Below is simple citation that can be modified depending on what you access.

Thomas, D. (Year, Month Date). Title of post. Educational Research Techniques. URL of post

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