ASSURE Instructional Design Model

The ASSURE instructional design model is yet another approach to conceptualizing the teaching experience. This model has the following steps

A — Analyze learners

S — State standards & objectives

S — Select strategies, technology, media & materials

U — Utilize technology, media & materials

R — Require learner participation

E — Evaluate & revise

In this post, we will look at each aspect of the ASSURE model.

Analyze Learners

Analyzing learners is in many ways another term for conducting a needs analysis. A teacher needs to know the skills and abilities of the students they are work with in order to determine where the students need to go. Any form of pre-assessment or communication with the students can provide information for analyzing the students.

Standards and Objectives

Once you know where the students are, you need to see how you can incorporate government standards and objectives if necessary. In education, there is a balancing act between the needs of the students and government requirements. This step makes you aware of this balancing act.

Select Strategies

With the ideas of the content settled, it is now time to determine the activities that will be used to facilitate learning. How this is done depends on the students’ needs and the governmental requires as well as the preferences of the teacher.

Utilize Technology

Incorporating the use of technology is one of the distinct traits of the ASSURE model. How this is done is again up to the teacher. The point is that if someone is an adopter of the ASSURE model it implies some use of technology.

Require Student Participation

Students need to be active learners in the classroom. This natural means having activities that provide opportunities for engagement. This can happen through using technology or by other means.

Evaluate & Revise

Evaluating happens with the assessment that comes after the learning experience. It allows the teacher to see if the students have demonstrated mastery of the content. The options for doing this depend on how the class was developed.


The ASSURE model provides an alternative approach to the setting of the learning environment of a classroom. Keeping in mind these components can guide teachers in preparing lessons that are beneficial to the students.

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