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Transversals: VIDEO

Transversals are one of many mathematical concepts that students learn in geometry. Although they can seem mysterious this is a foundational idea that reappears in higher level mathematics. We will learn about interior/exterior angles corresponding angles and so much more in this video.

Angle Types: VIDEO

Understanding the various angle types is important in geometry. At first, this is confusing, however, with time this becomes easier. This is important because completing more advanced analysis requires that identifying angle types is automatic for the student. Often, the only way to make this easier is through practice. In the video below, we will learn about various angle types.

Lines and More in Geometry VIDEO

Perpendicular & Parallel lines are basic ideas found in geometry. The video below explains the various types of lines a student will encounter in geometry. Some of the ideas discussed include parallel lines, perpendicular lines, midpoints, bisectors, etc. Be sure to leave a comment about the video below.

Area Under the Curve: Left End-Point VIDEO

Calculating the area under curve is one of those ideas in calculus that can be challenging. In the video found below, we will learn how to calculate the Area Under the Curve using the Left End-Point. This is one of several ways to do this but needs to be learned in many calculus courses.