DNA, Proteins, & Origins

DNA and proteins are critical building blocks to life. However, the origins of these important components are not clear. IN this post, we will explore some of the challenges to the origins of DNA and proteins.


A major problem that scientists wrestle with as they try to explain the origins of man as to do with DNA. DNA is the basic blueprint that allows for the various life that is found on this earth. DNA serves many purposes but among them includes giving instructions to cells for protein production and passing this information to the next generation.


One of the main obstacles facing evolution is that DNA is necessary for the formation of proteins. However, proteins are needed for copying and translating DNA into proteins. This implies that both DNA and proteins had to evolve at the same which does not currently seem to make sense. How could two key components of life evolve at the same time and also need or know that they must work together?

RNA & Proteins

One suggestion has been that RNA evolves before DNA. However, in its own way, RNA is just as complex as DNA and it is hard to find evidence that supports RNA or DNA evolving spontaneously. So far there is no evidence of even one DNA or RNA molecule evolving from lifeless chemicals to make one protein. Nor is there any evidence of proteins forming naturally.

Once DNA is here things do not get any easier. The order of the DNA letters used in the genetic code must be in the right order. IN addition to the challenge of sequencing, there must also be sequences of code around a sequence that controls the production of the sequence. For example, nobody wants their genes constantly telling their body to control. If such a thing happened it can and has led to health dangers for people. The odds of all this happening even over billions of years is essentially zero.

Proteins are made of amino acids and this presents another problem. There has been speculation that life evolved in the ocean billions of years ago. However, it is difficult for amino acids to form in the water to make proteins. Proteins are absolutely essential for life and if the amino acids cannot form or are hindered it could have major ramifications. What this implies is that there are major questions that need to be answered in order to validate the theory of evolution.


There are many unanswered questions concerning DNA and the origins of life. With time perhaps an answer will be found. Right now, there is only speculation.

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