Types of Curriculum

There are many different types of curriculum. Below is a partial list of the many forms of curriculum.

  1. Formal curriculum: The goals and objectives students are expected to achieve as they learn. This is written down and is the basis for most teaching
  2. Informal curriculum: The goals and objectives of the school that students learn but are not written down in an official capacity
  3. Operational curriculum: This is the parts of the formal curriculum that teachers use in their classroom. It is not practical to teach everything and what is taught is the operational aspect of curriculum.
  4. Null curriculum: The parts of the curriculum that are not taught to students. There are many constraints to teaching such as time, testing, field trips, etc. These as well as other factors limit what can be taught, which leads to some concepts being left out.
  5. Hidden curriculum: The values of the teachers and peers that students learn in school. It is not explicit but learned through social observation

This is not all forms of curriculums but it provides some basic information.

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