Here are testimonies from people who have read blog post from this site.

Steve I., Health Promotion and Nutrition

 I enjoyed reading your posts. They are really concise and high quality. Learnt various new topics similar to my area of interest from different perspective.

Elaine L., Professor Emeritis at Columbia International University

As I read through many of the blog submissions I found some excellent summary statements that my students could add to their reading resources – so some of my students may become your followers as they access the educationresearchtechniques URL

 Kuang-Ming C., Manager of Cancer Connection at Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

 Your suggestions will help me to design new and better exam questions. It not only make teachers less reliant on test bank questions, but also provide the flexibility to change the questions according to the student levels..

Laka M.

I am a English language teacher who teach English essay writing skills and other skills as well. Very enriching lesson from writing expert. Thank you.

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